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ISO9001:2008 vs ISO9001:2015

The ISO 9001 quality management standard was revised in September, 2015. Unlike the 2008 revision, the 2015 version has been significantly changed from its predecessor. Changes were made to adapt the ISO 9001 quality standard to the ever-changing global business climate.

The basic structure of the new ISO 9001 standard is different. Chapters and subchapters were renamed, and the order of clauses and paragraphs was also changed. Many of the same requirements as the 2008 standard remain, although much of the language and terminology has changed. For example, instead of "documents and records", we now have "documented information". And instead of "purchasing", we now have "control of externally provided processes, products and services".

The new ISO 9001:2015 standard embraces a "risk-based thinking" philosophy. Analysis of risks and opportunities is a new requirement.

Much of the standard's language has been revised in an attempt to simplify implementation for service companies, as opposed to the traditional manufacturing companies that have been the majority of ISO 9001 accredited companies in the past.

A corrective action program is still required; however preventive actions are no longer necessary.



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